The National Pine Needle Association is on a mission to plant 1 million pine trees in the next decade.  We encourage you to join us in our commitment to achieving this goal.  Any local nursery or garden center will have seeds to grow a tree.  Make a purchase and plant a tree!  It won’t cost much and it will only take a few minutes of your time, but it will go a long way toward improving the environment we live in. We provide support, resources, and guidance to those interested in planting pines and we also lead multiple tree planting programs across the continental US. We aim to educate the general population on the importance of pines.  And, we will continue to lobby for the conservation and protection of natural land and the endangered species within it.  The Nature Conservancy and the Global Green Growth Institute are two organizations we look up to and follow carefully.  If you have not done so, please check out their work.


Our loyal members and supporters share our love for pine trees and our desire to save the environment.  We need to leave this Earth better than we found it by establishing a healthy relationship between nature and the human race.  That starts with understanding and protecting it. By planting new trees, we are creating new life that fosters the grow of other plants and attracts new animals to the area.  Anywhere that has been cut barren from logging and forest fires, we will rebuild.  Despite the challenges, we will attempt to repair the destruction our carelessness has caused one place at a time.  

Updated  March 26, 2007

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