Do you have pine trees in your garden or around your home? Being evergreen conifers, the pine trees remain green throughout the year. The size of a typical pine tree ranges from 4-foot dwarf tree varieties to around 100-foot long White pine trees. The variety in size of the pine trees makes them the ideal choice for growing in tight space conditions as well as in garden areas requiring major windbreaks. Thankfully, the pine trees require less maintenance and can be easily grown in your backyard for a fuller, greener appearance. If you are looking forward to ensuring the good health of the pine trees in your backyard garden, then here are some expert tips:
  • Select a High-Quality Pine Tree: The pine trees that you grow & nurture must have a central leader from where all the branches should radiate. If you are buying the pine plant, you must be careful to choose from the trees having co-dominant leaders. This will make the trees grow wider at the top. The place where the two branches would meet will turn out to be structurally weak and might result in splitting. Therefore, it is recommended to inspect the young pine trees for any wound on the main branches or trunks. When you are transporting the tree home, take notice that proper care is being taken.
  • Plant the Trees in the Right Manner: In addition to buying the right tree, it is recommended that you must plant the trees in the right location properly. For instance, a mature Eastern White pine is capable of growing to around 50-80 foot in size with a width of around 20-40 foot. In case you do not have ample room in your property to accommodate the tree, then you should consider trying out some other pine species.
  Moreover, the pines are not typical hedge plants. Therefore, you must make sure that the trees are planted at least 20 feet away from the property boundaries, utility wires, or pavement as the branches will eventually cover them. Pines also tend to drop a lot of needles. Therefore, you must plant them at a location wherein the needles do not pose any issues for you.  
  • Prune Trees Only When Necessary: Do not prune the pine trees unless it is advised by some Certified professional Arborist from the localized tree service. When these trees are young and grow in a nursery, they are mostly shaped in a conical shape. However, in the case of the Eastern White pine trees, this is not the natural shape. The natural shape of the white pine trees appears more open & sprawl more freely. Pines also tend to have soft wood. Therefore, they are mostly the unfortunate victims of hails, snow, wind, and ice damage. Owing to these factors, it is advised to refrain from excessive pruning that will hamper the natural growth of the plants.
Make sure you grow & nurture the pine trees with much care in your property!

Updated  March 26, 2007

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