Below are the Top Environmental Conservation Tips You Must Adopt: Our environment has so much to offer to us. However, in the recent times, we have observed several damaging effects on the environment brought about by increasing levels of pollution, rapidly rising population, deforestation, and declining living conditions on a large scale –all across the globe. It calls for a high time to look into our environment and take remedial, conservation steps towards safeguarding our planet Earth from the harmful effects of pollution & others. There are several ways in which you can go for adopting an effective environmentally-friendly conservation strategy that helps in preventing the environment from further damage. Here are some of the best environmental conservation tips that you must adopt right away:
  • Adopt Recycling: Towards saving the environment from the damaging effects of the non-biodegradable products out there, you can start recycling each & every product –as much as possible. Whether it is plastic or glass, metal, or paper –all of these materials can be recycled easily. Wine bottles, empty jars, plastic containers, old newspapers, old clothing, and so more –all of these materials that are no longer useful must be recycled. It would take millions of years for glass containers or plastic items to be decomposed in the environment. Take remedial steps now.
  • Minimize Water Consumption: There is no denying the fact that water is life. While 70 percent of our planet is covered with water, only around 2.5 percent of it is fresh for human use. Given this alarming figure, you must start saving water as much as possible from the moment itself. Reduce your overall consumption of water on a daily basis. Moreover, you must also stop others from polluting the fresh water bodies & reservoirs around to ensure pure, drinking water for future
  • Reduce Energy Consumption: In recent years, the exhaustible fossil fuels accounted for around 82 percent of the primary energy use in the world. Understanding the importance of the limited fossil fuels for various purposes, you must aim at reducing the overall energy use on a personal level. Switch off the lights and other energy sources when you are not using them. Moreover, by saving energy, you are also contributing to a greener planet with minimized consumption of the highly-polluting fossil fuels that release harmful gases in the environment.
  Make the most of the important environment-saving tips. Save the planet Earth!Do you have pine trees in your garden or around your home? Being evergreen conifers, the pine trees remain green throughout the year. The size of a typical pine tree ranges from 4-foot dwarf tree varieties to around 100-foot long White pine trees. The variety in size of the pine trees makes them the ideal choice for growing in tight space conditions as well as in garden areas requiring major windbreaks. Thankfully, the pine trees require less maintenance and can be easily grown in your backyard for a fuller, greener appearance. If you are looking forward to ensuring the good health of the pine trees in your backyard garden, then here are some expert tips:
  • Select a High-Quality Pine Tree: The pine trees that you grow & nurture must have a central leader from where all the branches should radiate. If you are buying the pine plant, you must be careful to choose from the trees having co-dominant leaders. This will make the trees grow wider at the top. The place where the two branches would meet will turn out to be structurally weak and might result in splitting. Therefore, it is recommended to inspect the young pine trees for any wound on the main branches or trunks. When you are transporting the tree home, take notice that proper care is being taken.
  • Plant the Trees in the Right Manner: In addition to buying the right tree, it is recommended that you must plant the trees in the right location properly. For instance, a mature Eastern White pine is capable of growing to around 50-80 foot in size with a width of around 20-40 foot. In case you do not have ample room in your property to accommodate the tree, then you should consider trying out some other pine species.
  Moreover, the pines are not typical hedge plants. Therefore, you must make sure that the trees are planted at least 20 feet away from the property boundaries, utility wires, or pavement as the branches will eventually cover them. Pines also tend to drop a lot of needles. Therefore, you must plant them at a location wherein the needles do not pose any issues for you.  
  • Prune Trees Only When Necessary: Do not prune the pine trees unless it is advised by some Certified professional Arborist from the localized tree service. When these trees are young and grow in a nursery, they are mostly shaped in a conical shape. However, in the case of the Eastern White pine trees, this is not the natural shape. The natural shape of the white pine trees appears more open & sprawl more freely. Pines also tend to have soft wood. Therefore, they are mostly the unfortunate victims of hails, snow, wind, and ice damage. Owing to these factors, it is advised to refrain from excessive pruning that will hamper the natural growth of the plants.
Make sure you grow & nurture the pine trees with much care in your property!The anatomy of trees is quite simple.  A tree is a plant with an extended trunk that supports leaves and branches, and lives more than two years.  Trees have existed for 370 million years and have an estimated population of 3 trillion.  They range in size from less than an inch tall to hundreds of feet high.  With almost 100,000 species of  trees in existence, they’re easily noticeable.  They also have an amazing ability to adapt to a wide array of climates, from tropical to subarctic.  The vast land mass of the Earth has left many species undiscovered, so the best we can do is estimate the biodiversity. The trunk is the thickest part of the tree, which extends above the ground and supports the limbs and branches.  It transports nutrients from the ground upwards, through its wood, also known as xylem; this is vascular tissue and its protected by bark. Most trees have large secondary limbs that exist above the ground, from which other limbs and branches sprout.  Each branch divides into smaller branches, which grow leaves.  Leaves are the primary enabler of photosynthesis, collecting light energy to be used for sustenance.  The smaller branches also contain some form of seeds or spores, which allow the tree to reproduce. Below the ground, you’d see a similar pattern to branches because roots spread the same way.  Roots serve to absorb moisture from the soil and anchor the tree in place so it doesn’t fall.  The larger the tree, the farther the roots tend to extend.

Importance of Trees

Trees serve a number of important purposes, not the least of which is moderating the climate.  Increasing global populations and heavy pollution increase carbon dioxide levels enough to raise Earth’s temperature.  Trees act as a counterbalance by using carbon dioxide during its photosynthetic process to produce oxygen.  Trees also help to reduce erosion and provide a habitat for many small plants and animals. As it relates to humans, trees provide scenic landscape, fresh air, and lumber for building things.  The main problem is an estimated 15 billion trees are cut down each year, while only 5 billion are planted.  The majority of these trees are removed from tropical and subtropical clients, which has a negative effect on plants and animals in those regions.  Additionally, the less trees there are, the higher Earth’s temperature will rise.  As such, it’s imperative to protect our trees and ensure that we make a conscious effort to plant more trees than we cut down.  Consider the fact that trees take years to grow but only hours to cut down.  We must actively seek to conserve the environment while we can. We would like to take a moment to say thank you to our friends and partners at Texas Tree Lawn & Garden who have pledged to support our mission to plant 1 million trees.  We are grateful for their commitment to environmental conservation. If you have any feedback or comments on today’s post, please reach out to us.Trees effortlessly tend to enhance the overall look of any property. Offering a property immense beauty, shade, and tranquility, it is important to take proper care of the trees. Moreover, trees have also been to increase the overall value of the property substantially. You can make trees to serve as a long-term investment by taking proper care of them on your property. Whether or not you love nature, once you start taking care of trees on your property, it will instill a feeling of deep attachment & care for the green lives all around. Here are some of the top tips of effective tree care that you can practice to maintain the long life of trees in your residential or commercial complex. Have a read on our tree care tips:
  • Leave Trees on Their Own: Trees do not require human intervention to grow & prosper. Most of the trees are able to thrive at the location they have been planted on. However, most of us tend to intervene with the normal growth of the trees by parking a car underneath the tree or going for concrete roads just around the roots of the trees. Therefore, if you have trees around, it is important to take care of such small steps and not tamper with the normal growth & functioning of its life.
  • Observe the Trees & Get Familiar with Possible Tree Diseases: Though leaving the trees alone on their own might be the best decision, it is still important to observe them on a regular basis to notice any major changes in the overall growth or structure of the trees. A tree suffering from some disease can be healed effectively when diagnosed at the earliest. Some of the major changes that you can monitor on a regular basis might include color changes to its stunted growth. Thus, you can consider getting yourself a tree guide towards understanding the different types of trees and diseases associated with them.
  • Weekly Pruning & Mulching: While you might not be required to do much with respect to taking care of the healthy trees out there, it still makes sense to implement some precautionary steps towards ensuring that they last your lifetime. Surrounding the base of the trees with mulch is considered a great option as mulching prevents over-watering & over-fertilizing of the trees & its roots.  Though most of the trees might not require pruning, the best time to prune a tree is when you start observing dead limbs or cracked limbs after a strong rain or storm. You should take time out to safely cut such limbs or branches away from the trees to prevent any property damage.
  • Select the Right Trees for Your Property: Depending on your location and type of weather conditions, you must consider planting the right trees on your property. By doing so, you can ensure their long lifespan and proper growth at all times.
We hope you enjoyed our tree care tips. Take good care of the trees around and live a healthy, fresh life.  If you have questions for us, please reach out.Trees are extremely important to the environment and our survival as a population, which is why we have the goal to plant a million trees.  Having said that, it’s also important to select a tree service that knows what they’re doing. When you have a yard, the smart homeowner will keep it orderly and trimmed. Keeping it orderly will keep the value of your property up and will keep away pests. Keeping a yard neat and trimmed will take quite a bit of time and effort. It is something that the homeowner can do themselves or, to save time, hire a professional crew to do the job for them. When you do decide to hire a professional tree service crew, it is important that you be discerning of the company that you get. When browsing the many different tree service companies, it is important that both of you be clear about the job to be done. Let’s review some rather important questions that any homeowner needs to ask a professional tree crew before they are considered for hiring. (1)Are they suitably licensed and insured? If a tree service company cannot and refuse to show you proper accreditation, this should serve as a clear warning sign that you’re dealing with a shady organization. As hardware is required for tree services, tree crewmen require proper certification to be able to utilize their field necessitated tools. A tree service company needs to be suitably insured to protect their employees and clients from any unforeseen events. (2) Can they come in to do an ocular inspection in order to be considered? Before a good company tells you that they’ll be able to do the job you require, they should ask you if they can do an ocular inspection of your yard. The reason behind this is even if they take the job but aren’t equipped to handle the issue, they’ve wasted precious time and money. A substandard company will tell you that they are fully able to do the job done before they actually see the area. If you ever ask if they can come in to do an ocular and they say that they can’t or will require an exorbitant fee, that’s a good sign they’re not a good company to work with. (3) If a tree needs to be removed, what sort of equipment will they use? A well equipped and competent tree service company will be able to give you a clear list of the sort of hardware they’ll be using. During tree removal procedures, tree service companies should have most if not all of these: chainsaws, safety gear, trucks, axes, and grinders. If they may lack anything, they won’t be an ideal company to hire. (4) What is the usual duration of their services? When you ask a tree service company how long they may take, they should be able to list off a few of their actual experiences of scenarios and durations. This is a good way to check the experience level of the company you’re talking to. It should also give you a solid idea on what dates would be ideal for them to come in and get the job done. (5) Will they be able to provide you with an estimate of overall cost? Professional tree services companies have set rates for particular services. If you will be able to give ample description of the services you require, they should be able to give you a suitable estimate of what it’ll cost you. You may want to fully ask them the cost of any other services like tree removal or pruning. A comprehensive list of costs can help you decide on a final company to go with and give you a more concrete idea if certain services are feasible at your current financial state. You can use a clear estimate of costs to compare rates given to you by other companies you speak with and narrow down your choices to only which fit your needs. (6) Would they have a list of references you can contact? If you’re speaking with a company you did not get from a first hand referral, it’s good to be a little bit stricter than usual with regard to your screening process. Good tree service companies will be more than happy to provide you with a list of people you can speak with. It is customary at the end of services rendered that the company or the team that handled your case will ask if they may be able to use you as a reference for other clients that may need a little push to say yes. Hearing first hand accounts of how well or how terrible a job they made will help you determine if this company is worth hiring. Having references is also a good way of showing any and all clients that their company and their crew have the necessary experience with the field of tree services. Hiring a crew with a slew of bad referrals is just asking for trouble to happen. (7) Will they be requiring a down payment? If any tree service firm tells you that they require a down payment, tick them off your list. It is common knowledge that you must never pay for any service before the job is actually done. This protects your funds and opens up an avenue for later disputes for botched jobs. (8) Do they currently have any promos going on? Depending on the season, like in the midst of summer or before winter, tree service companies have promos and discounts to attract clients. If you manage to secure a promotional deal, you’ll be saving extra money for you to use elsewhere.   Tree servicing is not an easy job and is not something that should be done by inexperienced homeowners. Save yourself the hassle and hire a local company but take careful note of the questions listed above and you can use them to secure yourself quality and effective service.

Updated  March 26, 2007

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